Xiaomi 14, 14 Pro, 13 Ultra to get 14 Ultra’s AI camera capabilities via update

Xiaomi 14 Ultra

Xiaomi announced that it will also implement the AI capabilities it first introduced in Xiaomi 14 Ultra to its siblings: Xiaomi 14, Xiaomi 14 Pro, and Xiaomi 13 Ultra. According to the company, this will performed through the updates it will roll out to the said devices starting this April.

The Chinese smartphone giant made the announcement during the unveiling of the new Xiaomi Civi 4 Pro model, which boasts the AI GAN 4.0 AI tech to target wrinkles. Nonetheless, as the company noted, Civi 4 Pro is not the only device getting AI camera features. After including a powerful AI camera in Xiaomi 14 Ultra, the manufacturer shared its plan to also deliver it to its other flagship models in the coming months.

To start, Xiaomi plans to bring the Master Portrait to Xiaomi 14 and 14 Pro models this April, adding Xiaomi 13 Ultra will receive the update by June. To recall, this is a camera model in Xiaomi 14 Ultra, which covers a 23mm to 75mm focal range. This allows enhanced depth and a more natural bokeh effect to create a better distinction between the portrait and the background. Using the Xiaomi Portrait LM, certain features in the images, such as skin tone, teeth, and wrinkles, can be enhanced.

In June, the company also promised to release the Xiaomi AISP to the said devices. The feature, which stands for Xiaomi AI Image Semantic Processor, allows the device to achieve 60 trillion operations per second. With this, the handheld should be able to handle large computational photography models and provide ultra-high throughput capabilities for the entire imaging system. In simplest terms, it should still be able to deliver efficient processing and assign a complete algorithm to each photo, even when the user is taking continuous snapshots.

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