Cillian Murphy Insulted Jamie Dornan To His Face Despite Being Praised By Fifty Shades Actor

Cillian Murphy has had the honor of innumerable stars in his already illustrious career. From playing the role of Scarecrow in Batman Begins to Robert J. Oppenheimer in Christopher Nolan’s masterclass, he is been with actors of great pedigree. Not many can boast of having worked with the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, Liam Neeson, Tom Hardy, and Christian Bale after all. Murphy really has met a sleuth of giants in the industry, many of whom he would love to work with again. But there is one exception – Jamie Dornan, a star whom he can’t help but ignore.

Not your traditional bromance

Cillian Murphy and Jamie DornanCillian Murphy and Jamie Dornan
Cillian Murphy and Jamie Dornan would meet on the sets of Anthropoid

Cillian Murphy and Jamie Dornan would join forces for Director Sean Ellis’s Anthropoid in 2016, a war film that would bring the two Irishmen together. And as it would so happen, the two actors would… uhh… not hit it off. Or did they? Only they know for real.

In a recent interview, the Belfast star said that he couldn’t help but remember how the Peaky Blinders star gets uncomfortable during interviews, remembering how the Dunkirk star would conduct himself in Anthropoid’s press campaign.

That isn’t the only thing the press campaign is remembered for.

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Cillian Murphy and Jamie Dornan were always at each other’s throats

Cillian Murphy and Jamie DornanCillian Murphy and Jamie Dornan
Cillian Murphy and Jamie Dornan would always poke fun at each other

The Anthropoid press campaign drew everyone’s attention for one strange reason – the two actors’ banter. The two were always at each other’s throats, not letting a chance to make a mockery of the other slip. No one can forget how Cillian Murphy professed that he was not a big fan of the idea of working with Dornan again and that too to his face.

In an interview back then, Cillian Murphy was asked by a reporter about the experience of working on the sets of the 2016 film; and in particular of working with Jamie Dornan. When asked whether he would be willing to work with the Fifty Shades of Grey star, he had the most epic response.

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How did Cillian Murphy mock Jamie Dornan right before his eyes?

Cillian Murphy and Jamie DornanCillian Murphy and Jamie Dornan
Cillian Murphy fooled Jamie Dornan on National Television

The interviewer asked Murphy,

“Do you think you’d like to work with Jamie again?” (Instagram)

The Red Lights star didn’t think long to respond with a big, “No”. And right then Jamie pops behind him, saying,

“He’s probably saying something very different. Are you saying nice things? I am saying like extraordinary nice things here.”

He couldn’t help but contain his laughter and responded with an “I am”, and a sneer that said a thousand words. He continued,

“You’re amazing.”

The interviewer continued the joke, saying, “He actually said you’d be a great director.” 

Capping the joke off, the Disco Pigs star said,

“Irish people are such good liars.” 

We can’t help but argue with their case.

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