Heavy Workshops And Rehearsals For SSMB29!

Superstar Mahesh Babu has a reason to easily forget Guntur Kaaram’s embarrassment and that reason is Rajamouli. Mahesh Babu’s SSMB29 in Rajamouli’s direction is going to take several months to get a shape and the release date is not certain yet. But the movie has huge expectations and it is sure that they go way high as the shooting starts progressing.

Amid this, there are reports about how Rajamouli is going to put Mahesh Babu under strenuous work for the movie. As it was known already, Mahesh Babu is going to have an all-new look in which he never appeared earlier.

For the globe-trotting adventure film, Mahesh Babu will go through a body transformation. Not just that, Mahesh Babu will be joining heavy workshops and rehearsals that go on for months. Any hero should go by the routine and rules of Rajamouli’s filmmaking irrespective of stardom. Mahesh Babu is not an exception.

With the new look and Rajamouli’s style adventure film, Mahesh Babu is sure to entice the audience and the wait is inevitable.

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