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Love Shayari v1.0: Quotes Wordpress Theme Premium

More than a year in development by an experienced web design company, the team behind the No 1 Quotes Theme Sahifa

Real-world features like ‘Select & Share’ native GIF Support

Mobile navigation for today’s modern devices PLUS powerhouse Mega Menus built in.

Online Publishing Reimagined for WordPress

Love Shayari 1.0 takes a fresh look at the world of desktop publishing in today’s modern age of content marketing and flips it on its head with a stunning design, fresh layout options, modern sharing options, and integration of the most popular extensions for WordPress for maximum flexibility.

Responsive for Today’s Modern Devices

Of course, Love Shayari 1.0 has a fully responsive design that not only adapts to all of today’s modern devices but responds to the most up-to-date mobile devices for swipeable content.

It also appears to think for you with intelligent menu features that adapt to the user’s device to ensure they have the best, most seamless experience possible while consuming your content.

Dark Mode

Love Shayari v1.0: Quotes Wordpress Theme Premium
Love Shayari v1.0: Quotes Wordpress Theme Premium

Live Demo

AMP Install

Fully compatible with the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project, so your content is mobile-optimized and loads FAST, everywhere.

SEO Optimized

Love Shayari 1.0 has the goods when it comes to SEO too, with Articles and Reviews Schema to support snippet views from longer articles.

Optimized with full support for the super popular Yoast SEO and Rank Math Plugins so you can get more visitors from Google and BING Search, plus HTML SEO support so Search engines can pick up ranking signals from specific HTML elements, as well as SEO Rich Snippet support for add-ons like Reviews, Ratings, and Photos.

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  1. High Performance, Blazing Speeds
  2. Did someone say ‘Need for Speed?”
  3. Love Shayari 1.0 has taken speed up a notch with several advanced developments behind the scenes to give you truly blazing page load speeds and website performance in general.
  4. Lazy Load – This means images load when the user requires them.
  5. Minified Version for JS – works the same as jquery.js but is smaller in size for your production website.
  6. Minified CSS Resources – removes the spacing, indentation, newlines, and comments.
  7. Built-in Cache to reduce DB Queries.
  8. Compatible with the popular cache plugin WP Super Cache.
  9. The industry best practice forum software for WordPress by the creators of WordPress. This means you can rest assured you can easily set up discussion forums inside your WP site.
  10. It’s easy to moderate, fast and clean and is managed from one central account, and features a One-Click install.

Pre-Skinned Demos

Go Dark, or keep it Light and fluffy – Love Shayari 1.0 has you covered with easy to update Skins with Light, Dark, and everything in between skins ready.

Almost 1,000 Font Options

With over 800 Google Fonts and +150 fonts included in Love Shayari 1.0, you will be sure to find the one that suits you.

Nothing to update or install, everything is included under the hood.

GIF Support

  1. Who doesn’t love a good GIF meme?

Fundamental to the success of large viral sites today, GIFs play a huge part in consumer content and you need to be able to support it natively, with no messing around, and no extensions or plugins needed.

Love Shayari v1.0: Quotes Wordpress Theme Premium
Love Shayari v1.0: Quotes Wordpress Theme Premium

Live Demo

Love Shayari 1.0 supports GIF images natively for a superb end-user experience.

Customizable Layouts

Go crazy with a custom layout!

bordered, fullwidth, boxed, masonry, or straight up one column. Layouts are the foundation of how your site is going to look, and having a flexible system to move it around and see how it fits with your content is crucial.

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Jump-To Contents

Adding hotspots to your content so users can jump to a specific point in long-form content is a great way to aid navigation.

Mega Menus

Love Shayari v1.0: Quotes Wordpress Theme Premium
Love Shayari v1.0: Quotes Wordpress Theme Premium

A hot menu is key with a large site filled with tons of top-notch content. A good menu should entice users to stick around, look at other pages and feel like they know where they are at all times.

Our Ajax-powered mega-menus leave no stone unturned with a dynamic range of exciting menu options that are sure to exceed your expectations.

Mobile Navigation

Stand out from the crowd with beautifully styled, customizable mobile navigation for your new site. Available off-canvas you can modify backgrounds to be Solid Colors, Gradients, or Images. Set the color and enable/disable Social Icons and the Search Form.

Select and Share

This is a really neat feature we know you are going to love. With Love Shayari 1.0 and ‘Select and Share’, the end user is in control of the share function.

All they need to do is highlight the copy or key point they want to Share, and Love Shayari 1.0 automatically recognizes this as the Social Media share function with a pop-up model that shows the sharing options you have enabled. Boom!

Email Marketing

Build your email distribution list!

Everyone knows that your email list is your most powerful marketing tool in today’s environment, so Love Shayari 1.0 has complete integration with the industry standard tools including MailChimp and Feedburner.

Capture leads, build your list and the world is your oyster!

Parallax Effects & Video Backgrounds

A beautifully constructed Landing Page, Homepage, or CTA should engage and motivate into action. A great way to do this is with a live feel – backgrounds that scroll with content or make use of a full-page background for dramatic effect.

One-Click Install with Theme

Love Shayari v1.0: Quotes Wordpress Theme Premium
Love Shayari v1.0: Quotes Wordpress Theme Premium

With builds ready to roll out, and always more being developed, Love Shayari 1.0 has a fully featured web design ready for you.

Find a demo that highlights your look and feels the best, then use our One-Click Install feature to get your design setup nice and simple. From there you simply need to update your content and customize it to your heart’s desire.

Dedicated Advertiser Space

Love Shayari v1.0: Quotes Wordpress Theme Premium
Love Shayari v1.0: Quotes Wordpress Theme Premium

What good is putting all this effort into a top-notch content marketing site, blog, or news site without being able to monetize? Nu-uh, not on today’s web baby.

That’s why Love Shayari 1.0 is not only optimized for WooCommerce for all of your eCommerce needs but there are specific pre-defined spaces for Ads!

Reserve spots for partners or affiliates or sell a full-page takeover to the highest bidder. With the most common ad block sizes built in all you need to do is copy your AdSense code over and bam! Love Shayari 1.0 takes care of the rest.

Built into the Love Shayari 1.0 template so it looks just like the rest of your design, you can even choose to add Notifications to your menu for that real-time social feel that keeps users coming back for more.

13+ Pre-made Demos Dark More

Love Shayari v1.0: Quotes Wordpress Theme Premium
Love Shayari v1.0: Quotes Wordpress Theme Premium

Our demos are more than just a skin – with over 20 to choose from each demo is a fully functional website with pages, Menu structures, and demo content designed to take the hard workout of establishing your site.

Chose a demo and install with one-click simplicity, update with your content then sit back and reap the rewards. With styles that include Automotive, English, Hindi, Status, Jokes, Quotes, Shayari, Wishes, Images, Poetries, and Stories we are sure you are going to find something you love.

Header Styles

There’s nothing quite like a good Header. Love Shayari 1.0 helps bring out the bold in you with complex layouts rooted in graphic design principles. Take your design to the next level with a myriad of different header styles that are limited only by your imagination.

With Love Shayari 1.0’s Instagram widget you can select from different layouts to suit your needs, simply add your handle, select your style and tell Love Shayari 1.0 where to place it, no coding required.

Amazing Page Builder

Love Shayari 1.0 includes a built-in drag-and-drop page builder which helps you to customize your design in blocks and the simplicity of drag and drop.

Building unique layouts is a hot design topic of recent years, recognizing this Love Shayari 1.0 proudly offers a unique Page Builder built in. With stacks of cool blocks to get you started, you can add the power Filters and Pagination to your site for the ultimate in speed and user experience.

All from the familiarity of the WordPress Dashboard. How good is that?

Powerful & Easy-to-Use Theme Options

Love Shayari v1.0: Quotes Wordpress Theme Premium
Love Shayari v1.0: Quotes Wordpress Theme Premium

You are going to LOVE the Theme Options panel in Love Shayari 1.0. So comprehensive yet simple to use you maintain full control over your design choices within a simple WordPress environment while making sophisticated changes with the ease of a click.

Styling, Typography, Share Buttons, Sidebars and so much more are all available to tinker with from the power of the Theme Options Panel in Love Shayari 1.0.

Translation Ready

Fully prepared for translation to any language using po & mo files, also you can translate the theme easily via the built-in Translation panel.

Love Shayari 1.0 is Fully Compatible With the WPML Multilingual Plugin so you can Create Multilingual Websites

Stunning Video Playlists

Building Video Playlists for users is a great way to reduce your Bounce Rate and keep visitors longer. It’s that simple and fully integrated into the backend of Love Shayari 1.0.

Rack them up and offer a beautifully fluid block with a scrolling list that is easy to access, and intuitive to use and your users never have to leave your site again.

Text Background color effect

You can change the background text color inside this template, which will make your poetry look more beautiful.

Love Shayari v1.0: Quotes Wordpress Theme Premium
Love Shayari v1.0: Quotes Wordpress Theme Premium

Install Web Notifications

Web Push notifications allow your users to opt-in to timely updates from your website. Give that compelling reason to stick around with Live Notifications! It’s another great feature built into Love Shayari 1.0 that is going to have you squealing for me. This is a marketer’s dream!

New Add social like reaction button

Love Shayari v1.0: Quotes Wordpress Theme Premium
Love Shayari v1.0: Quotes Wordpress Theme Premium

A social like reaction button has been given inside this template, so that any person who comes inside your template and why posts, after that you can add a like emoji to your post, which will make your website look very beautiful.

Custom Widgets

Sometimes setting up your required Widgets is just a tedious necessity, which is why we took the tedium out of Love Shayari 1.0 for you with a series of ready-to-go custom widgets, which we know are going to tick all of your boxes.

All are styled to sit beautifully inside the design you stipulate.

Select from 12 Social Counters, Social Widgets and Post Lists Widgets to create that irresistible homepage design you have been dreaming of.

Social Counters – show all important Subscribers, Facebook Fans, Twitter Followers, and more with Love Shayari 1.0’s built-in Social Counter Widget

Social Widgets – Subscribers, Instagram, SoundCloud, Flickr, Google+, Dribble, Facebook, and much more to complete your digital ecosystem

Post List Widgets – show Recent content, Most Viewed Content, Popular Posts, and more with a specific widget fit for duty.

Advanced Ecommerce with WooCommerce Extended

Whether you need something complex with Smart Filters to help users dig deep into a huge catalog of fashion and accessories, or something simple that looks incredibly elegant on mobile, Love Shayari 1.0 has you covered.

Designed and developed with WooCommerce at its heart so you can take full advantage of the complex extended functionality it offers, you can rest assured that every choice you make along the way is going to work perfectly, just as it was intended.

Add New Page Views Count

Love Shayari v1.0: Quotes Wordpress Theme Premium
Love Shayari v1.0: Quotes Wordpress Theme Premium

Inside this WordPress template, you will get the post pageview counter, inside which if any person visits your post, then your automatic view will be counted.

Build your shop with confidence and Love Shayari 1.0 by your side.

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Features List

  • Gutenberg Support.
  • AMP Support
  • Multiple Skins
  • Over 800+ Google Fonts
  • Over 150+ FontFace Fonts
  • Footer Layouts
  • Headers Layouts
  • Lifetime Free Updates
  • Jump-To Content
  • Multiple Content Layouts
  • Monetization
  • Mega Menus
  • Responsive Design
  • WPML Multilingual Plugin Compatible
  • Built-in Translation Panel
  • Animated Weather Widgets
  • GIF Support
  • Bundled Premium Plugins
  • BuddyPress Design
  • Instagram Widget
  • Stunning Video Playlists
  • Web Notifications
  • Responsive Google AdSense
  • Dark Skin
  • Schema SEO Rich Snippet Microdata
  • Sticky Navigation Menu
  • Supports Multiple page post
  • Custom Categories Logo, Colors, and Background
  • Sticky Sidebars
  • Unlimited sidebar
  • Breadcrumb Navigation
  • Customizable OFF-canvas Mobile Navigation
  • Ajax Live Search
  • 45+ Pre-Defined Background Patterns
  • Built In Custom Widgets
  • Compatible with the most popular Cryptocurrency Plugins
  • Add a New social reaction button
  • Add New Page Views Count

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