Two new viruses of the new cryo: the strongest XBB virus can damage the brain

Two new developments of the new crown: the strongest variant XBB was introduced to Shanghai, and the virus may damage the brain and cause brain fog

Let’s focus on two new developments about the new crown virus. First, the new strain XBB, which is the most contagious in Europe and the United States, has been introduced into China, and the existence of XBB has been detected in many areas of Shanghai. Second, the latest research results show that the new coronavirus can reproduce in the human brain, which may explain the sequelae of “brain fog”.

The introduction of XBB to Shanghai, what warning does it have for us?

XBB is a new variant of Omicron, which originated in the United States and is characterized by strong infectivity and immune escape capabilities. It is called by the World Health Organization “the new coronavirus variant with the strongest immune escape ability, and it is also the new crown variant that humans need to pay attention to most at present.” Read More:- Google Scholarship 2023: Google is giving a scholarship of 74 thousand, start filling online form

How strong is its immune escape ability and infectiousness? According to the reports of the top international academic journals “Nature” and “Cell”, the original new coronavirus vaccine and common monoclonal antibody therapy have basically no effect on XBB. There is a high probability of re-infecting XBB . Moreover, the ability of XBB to bind to the ACE2 receptor of human cells has increased significantly. The ACE2 receptor is the door for the new coronavirus to enter human cells. The stronger the ability to bind to ACE2, the easier it is for the human body to be infected by the new coronavirus.

Two new viruses of the new cryo the strongest XBB virus can damage the brain
Two new viruses of the new cryo the strongest XBB virus can damage the brain

It is precisely because of the terrifying contagiousness of XBB that it only took 2-3 months from its birth to become the mainstream strain popular in Europe and the United States. Currently, 46% of people infected with the new coronavirus in the United States are infected with XBB. The strong immune escape ability of XBB has also made one of the things that medical experts were most worried about become a reality – the country may face the situation of co-circulation of multiple virus strains, that is, the people of Yangkang before face the new virus such as XBB. When mutated, there is a great possibility of secondary infection .

Fortunately, XBB only maximizes the immune escape ability and infectivity, but its pathogenicity, severe disease rate and fatality rate have not changed significantly. In other words, even if you are unfortunately infected with XBB, the severity of the disease will not be deepened. But this is also a wake-up call for the majority of “Yangkang” groups-although you have been infected with the new crown virus recently, don’t be too embarrassing. You should not forget the basic protective measures, such as wearing a mask and washing your hands frequently. .

Two new viruses of the new cryo the strongest XBB virus can damage the brain
Two new viruses of the new cryo the strongest XBB virus can damage the brain

Coronavirus may multiply in the brain, causing ‘brain fog’

The second new crown development that needs attention recently is about the damage to the brain caused by the new crown virus. In the past, it was generally believed that when the new coronavirus infects the human body, it only exists in the lungs and respiratory tract of the human body. However, a recent paper published in “Nature” shows that the new coronavirus may reproduce in the human brain and even the whole body.

Scientists from the National Institutes of Health in the United States dissected 44 corpses that died of the new coronavirus, and found that the hypothalamus, cerebellum and other areas of the brains of these people were all detected with the new coronavirus. Not only the brain, but also the heart, lymph nodes, gastrointestinal tract, adrenal gland and other areas of the human body have also detected the presence of the new coronavirus. However, compared with other parts of the body, the lungs and respiratory tract generally had the highest levels of virus, as expected. These results indicate that the new coronavirus has the potential to reproduce throughout the human body.

Two new viruses of the new cryo the strongest XBB virus can damage the brain
Two new viruses of the new cryo the strongest XBB virus can damage the brain

This research result may explain why after being infected with the new coronavirus, there will be sequelae of “brain fog”. The so-called “brain fog” is actually a cognitive impairment. Recently, many patients who have become positive will report that their personal attention and responsiveness have declined to a certain extent, and they have become extremely tired and confused all day long. Read More :- Is it possible for the first frozen person in 1967 to be resurrected?

In fact, as early as July 2021, the well-known medical academic journal “The Lancet” published a research result. The results of this study show that the new coronavirus may cross the blood-brain barrier, kill brain endothelial cells, and damage the cognitive function of the brain. It’s just that many people at the time felt too incredible that the new coronavirus might enter the brain, but the latest research results undoubtedly verified this statement.

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If you have “brain fog” symptoms after being infected with the new crown virus, how should you relieve it? First of all, individuals should maintain a positive and optimistic attitude and ensure adequate sleep and rest. Secondly, more attention should be paid to supplementing protein and vitamins in the diet, and dietary supplements such as choline alfoscerate can also be supplemented if conditions permit. Generally, within a few months after recovering from the new crown, the symptoms of “brain fog” can be relieved naturally.

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