Nagarjuna’s Bold Moves For Naa Saami Ranga

Without even kickstarting any kinds of promotions to date, even 9 days before the release date, senior hero, King Nagarjuna is making sure that his “Naa Saami Ranga” will get to theatres without any fail. As the film is set for a January 14th release, let’s examine what kind of feats the senior hero has done for this movie so far.

After acquiring the rights to the Malayalam film Porinju Mariyam Jose, Nagarjuna made sure to pick up the director first, and after changing a couple of names, he finally got choreographer Vijay Binni into the captain’s seat. After going for the shoot in just September 2023, the hero made sure that they wrapped the total shoot in a short time of less than 90 days by January 5th. Apart from that, when everyone is worried that Naa Saami Ranga hasn’t sold the OTT rights and might get delayed in terms of BO release, Nagarjuna took the initiative. Reports have that Hotstar has acquired the rights to the movie.

Another bold move is that, when other Sankranthi releases are struggling to get the right kind of theatres though they are expressing cool on the outside, Nagarjuna has bought the total theatrical rights of Naa Saami Ranga for Annapurna Studios. Now the film will be released without any hassles as Annapurna has also a strong distribution network. All these acts are making Nagarjuna a solid actor who also takes care of production, distribution and exhibition properly.

One has to see if Nagarjuna’s belief in the movie will get paid off on Sankranthi eve.

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