OnePlus exec reveals Ace 3V front design

OnePlus Ace 3V is expected to launch soon, and as the event nears, more and more details of the smartphone are surfacing online. The latest information came from OnePlus executive Li Jie Louis, who shared the actual photo of the company’s new smartphone.

OnePlus Ace 3V front display official

The photo is limited to the front image of the Ace 3V, but a lot of details can already be confirmed through this. Based on past leaks, the smartphone is set to have a flat-screen display, thin bezels, and a center-mounted punch-hole cutout. Unsurprisingly, all of the details are present in the image, confirming previous reports and leaks from various tipsters.

Aside from that, the alert slider can also be spotted on the side of the unit. This is an exciting element in Ace 3V as OnePlus usually does not put it in its affordable models, albeit it was included in the Nord 3 smartphone (3V is rumored to be launching globally as Nord 4 or Nord 5).

Apart from the image, the executive teased that the Ace 3V will be armed with AI. Marketing the smartphone with the said capability is not surprising as more and more brands are trying to adopt it in order to catch up with the AI craze. No specifics were shared by Louis, but he was straightforward on whom the company is trying to target in the addition of the feature — the “young people.” If this is true, based on current AI features in other smartphones in the market, it could be something related to summarizations and camera editing.

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