Oppo India launches Self-Help Assistant platform with troubleshooting, simulation instructions

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Users in India can now troubleshoot their own Oppo smartphones on their own. This has become possible with the company’s recent launching of the Self-Help Assistant platform, which provides users in the country a place to access instructions for troubleshooting their own devices.

The move complements India’s push for the Right to Repair, so it is unsurprising that the new platform can be accessed through the official Indian website. Aside from this, Oppo users can go to their MyOppo app, where the Self-Help Assistant can be accessed via the Support Tab. According to the company, the service can be used on all Oppo smartphones, which means it should work on the A, F, K, Reno, and Find series of the brand in India. According to the company, the next step is to allow multilingual support and IoT product integration in the service.

“Indian consumers are very tech-savvy, and this portal provides users with all the information they would need to troubleshoot their OPPO smartphones without making a trip to the service center,” Oppo India Director of Product Communications Savio D’Souza said in a statement. “With the Self-Help Assistant, OPPO makes things simpler for consumers; this initiative is about empowering them and enhancing their experience of owning an OPPO device.”

Oppo smartphone users in India can access the service by selecting the device they want to pick from the plethora of models on the platform. From there, they would be offered the Troubleshooting and Simulation options. Users can choose the latter for issues that lean on the software side of their devices, like problematic networks and data. On the other hand, the Troubleshooting option is focused on settings and functions, offering over 400 solutions for problems in Camera, Memory, Recording, Backup, Wi-Fi, Hotspot, and more. This will give users a step-by-step guide.

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