PUBG New State Mobile Hipster Zombie Is Back!

The March Update for New State Mobile has just arrived in the game. Players can get the update from any app store, including the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Samsung Galaxy Store, and others. The new update brings a ton of fresh content to the game, along with the eighth season of PUBG New State Battle Royale.

The Hipster Zombie is one of these and has been added to the game once again. The event center has incredible items that players can purchase. How to purchase the new Royale Pass of PUBG Mobile, players can now enjoy the Hipster Zombie event.

PUBG New State Mobile Hipster Zombie Is Back!INFO
Version new
RequiredAndroid 5.0+
PUBG New State Mobile Hipster Zombie Is Back!

New State Mobile Battle Royale Season 8 

Along with the New State Mobile Battle Royale Season 8, Hipster Zombie has been brought back to the game. This is great news for game fans who were previously disappointed by recent changes like the addition of the Legacy Pass and the elimination of story missions.

The Hipster Zombie event will be a fun addition for all the players in New State Mobile. The players’ timers will also reset based on their final Season 7 rank. The events and awards from the previous season are also summarized for players as they enter the lobby.

PUBG New State Mobile Hipster Zombie Is Back!

Pog Tier Survivors who place first, second, or third in the season standings will receive unique titles. The title can be used throughout the full season and varies according to your rating for the player’s particular server. Regular titles and ranking season titles can both be utilized simultaneously. There have also been changes to the map rotation schedule.

AKINTA (Bounty) Lab will come to an end. We have received assurances from the creators that AKINTA will return with enhancements based on the feedback they received. GRAVEYARD Beta has also ended. For this as well, the developers have reiterated that they will bring back Graveyard Beta after making the necessary modifications.

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