Shia LaBeouf’s Catholicism Was Catalyzed by Close Friend Mel Gibson After Their Initial Face-off

Emerging from an interfaith marriage between his Jewish mother and Christian father, Shia LaBeouf found solace in his newfound faith, after starring in Padre Pio. Portraying the role of the Italian priest who received the stigmata, the actor converted to Catholicism while working on the 2022 project. 

Shia LaBeoufShia LaBeouf
Shia LaBeouf

Giving all due credit to his friend and peer Mel Gibson for supporting him and introducing him to things like Latin Mass, Shia LaBeouf recalled his face-off with the veteran actor. Revealing how he once lost his temper with Gibson while the actor maintained his calm, LaBeouf recently reported his desire to become a deacon. 

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Shia LaBeouf Converted to Catholicism in 2022

Following a series of controversial behaviors, lawsuits, and misconducts, Hollywood star Shia LaBeouf finally gave in to faith and found his solace in 2022 after converting to Catholicism. The change came in when the actor was working on Abel Ferrara’s drama Padre Pio, where he portrayed the role of the eponymous monk who received the stigmata. 

Shia LaBeouf in Padre PioShia LaBeouf in Padre Pio
Shia LaBeouf in Padre Pio (2022)

According to IndieWire, Shia LaBeouf credited his close friend and mentor Mel Gibson for his positive change. Elaborating on how Gibson introduced him to Latin Mass and all sorts of traditionalist things, the actor noted his experiences of attending the services were what inspired him to believe in religion. 

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LaBeouf discussed how Mel Gibson introduced him to Latin Mass that instilled faith in himLaBeouf discussed how Mel Gibson introduced him to Latin Mass that instilled faith in him
LaBeouf discussed how Mel Gibson introduced him to Latin Mass instilled faith in him

I’m quite close with Mel Gibson. I didn’t know how to get to Latin Mass. I didn’t know how to find it. You can’t, like, go online and type it up and find it… he introduced me to a certain Latin Mass, because he’s very into that traditionalist thing.”

Attending such religious events not only helped the actor play his role in Padre Pio with ease but also instilled a level of humility in him. 

Shia LaBeouf Recalled His Face-Off With Mel Gibson 

Although he was raised in an interfaith family, where his mother was a Jew and his father was a Christian, Shia LaBeouf initially had a hard time accepting faith. Despite having both a bar mitzvah and a baptism, the actor struggled miserably with finding a focus in his life, amid alcoholism and tabloid-laden controversies. 

Shia LaBeouf had a hard time finding faithShia LaBeouf had a hard time finding faith
Shia LaBeouf had a hard time finding faith

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During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Shia LaBeouf admitted that converting to Catholicism wasn’t easy for him. Although Mel Gibson introduced him to religious services and events, there was a time when LaBeouf refused to give in. Revealing how he once lost his temper around Gibson and had a face-off with the veteran actor, LaBeouf claimed that the star simply maintained his calm. 

Mel GibsonMel Gibson
LaBeouf had a face-off with Mel Gibson while the veteran star tried preaching

[Gibson] was cautious with me. Many years ago, I went to his house and told him to his face that his religious views and politics were a hindrance to his craft. He giggled with grace and told me to read about the Maccabees… As I fell forward, he always remained supportive.” 

Ever since then, with Mel Gibson’s guidance, support, and patience, Shia LaBeouf eventually found his faith. Converting to Catholicism in 2022, the actor made headlines as per 2024 reports, for his alleged desire to become a deacon. 

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