Upthrust Esports owner Kartik Sabherwal comments on the BGMI Return and upcoming events

The possibility of the title’s return is one of the topics that the BGMI community is interested in. The BGMI community has recently shown interest in a number of topics, including the potential return of the title. For fans, the past few months have been extremely hectic as rumors about its urban have gained traction. There is currently no official confirmation, but a recent report by a reputable media outlet undoubtedly increased the excitement among the fans.

Previously, we saw popular individuals making bold claims about the possible return. Another member of the community has now voiced his opinions regarding the current state of affairs. Katrik Sabherwal, the owner of Upthrust Esports, which was recently featured in Shark Rank, is aware that the game will soon be returning. For future updates on BGMI Unban News Latest, follow

BGMI Return and upcoming eventsINFO
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BGMI Return and upcoming events

BGMI Unban News

In a recent interview, Upthrust Esports’ owner Kartik Sabherwal addressed the current situation. The prospect of underdogs succeeding was another topic he covered. I am unable to share any leaks, Kartik continued. When asked about potential urban rumors of Battlegrounds: Mobile India.

The title will return soon, I can tell you that much. Furthermore, Kartik also shared his thoughts on the opportunities for new gamers in the coming days and months. NEW STATE Mobile Survivor Pass VOL 17 Check out the rewards and more

Gaming Up
BGMI Unban News Latest (Image via Instagram)

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Here’s what Kartik has to say on that.

“News gamers must not give up. They should continue grinding. In order to give underdogs opportunities, Upthrust Esports will do everything in its power. Gamers should have dedication and grind. I am not telling them to play the game all the time. The dedication should be there whenever they play and they should also have the patience to reach where they want to be.  “

Battlegrounds Mobile India’s KRAFTON developers have not yet provided a date for when the game will be unbanned. The earlier mentioned ones are only reports. Therefore, players should hold off until the government of India or KRAFTON releases an official statement.

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