The Release Journey Of ‘Tillu’, Back To ‘Square’ One?

Sankranthi season usually accommodates at least three movies every year. This year, with Mahesh Babu Guntur Kaaram sitting stubbornly on Jan 12th and Hanuman too not willing to go back from the date due to their Hindi release commitments, Sankranthi season heated up with Nag’s Naa Saami Ranga and Venky’s Saindhav fixing their outing in the following dates.

Amid this, Raviteja’s Eagle which was fixed earlier for Sankranthi’s release backed out at the last minute. While this is all fine this Sankranthi release clash and settlement affected one movie that is not in the Sankranthi race at all. And that is Siddhu Jonnalagadda’s Tillu Square.

Tillu Square was announced to release on February 9th, 2024. But due to the unavoidable clash, Guntur Kaaram producer Naga Vamsi had to commit to the postponement of Tillu Square from Feb 9th so Eagle will be out of the race and can have a solo release on February 9th.

Tillu Square was supposed to be released in March 2023 and the postponed to September 2023. Salaar and other factors made their release move to February and now Sankranthi hit it again to a release date that is not known yet.

Two songs of Tillu Square and a teaser from the movie caught the attention of the audience and the makers have to release the movie before it loses its steam. The chemistry of Siddhu and Anupama seems to have worked excellently and it has to be seen when Tillu Square will be out in theaters. For now, the release journey of Tillu is back to square one with no release date in hand.

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