Venky’s Bullet Shot Trolled – Director’s Brilliant Response

Inside the trailer of Victory Venkatesh’s upcoming film “Saindhav”, there is this one particular shot where the hero fires a bullet inside the mouth of a guy, and then it exits from the rectal portion of him. With many netizens sharing the short clip of this shot and trolling the director, saying that the bullet travelled through the throat, intestines and stomach and came out like that, the filmmaker Sailesh Kolanu responded on the same.

With a user making a funny video of how the bullet fired by Venkatesh in Saindhav trailer has travelled through the intestines of the guy, the director explained the scientific possibilities of a bullet really exiting like that when shot at a particular angle.

“With a specific angle, pushing the gun barrel deep into the mouth at an 80-degree downward angle, the bullet can access vital torso organs. Precise aim could puncture the trachea or oesophagus, hit the liver, pancreas, and maybe the heart, then cut through the intestines, exiting through the colon. Achieving such precision demands practice, and that’s what Saindhav is a specialist in”, says Sailesh in a long post, showcasing his brilliance in explaining things.

However, the director appreciated the efforts of the video maker saying that it is damn fun. Saindhav is hitting cinemas on January 13th.

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