Who Are Those Biggies Not Allowing Hanuman?

The likes of Guntur Kaaram, Hanu Man, Eagle, Saindhav and Naa Saami Ranga are gearing up for a release this Sankranthi eve, and news is popping up every day that ace producer Dil Raju is allocating more theatres to Mahesh Babu’s movie in Nizam region than others. Amidst these talks, here comes a comment from Hanu-Man producer Niranjan Reddy regarding the same.

When quizzed about Hanu-Man competing with 3-4 biggies and trying to score, Niranjan Reddy stated that he is not worried about the recovery of theatrical rights from the Telugu states. “We have sold out the theatrical rights of Telugu states for ₹20 crores. Biggies expect to recover 80% of investment from the first week & weekend itself, while they want the rest 20% in the ensuing weeks. But we are optimistic that Hanu Man will start slowly, but will pick up huge, and goes for 6-8 weeks of a comfortable run at the box office”, said Niranjan Reddy.

At the same time, the producer felt sad that he managed to get huge attention for a film that was made with just ₹70 crores, but did not get even 25% of theatres that they would usually allot for a small movie. “Though some exhibitors want to screen Hanu Man on Jan 12th, the biggies are not allowing them to do so” he further added. However, he added, “After the release, we are expecting that Hanu Man will get all the attention and grab theatres too, in a week’s time”.

These revelations however led to thinking who are those biggies not allowing a film like Hanu Man that garnered immense buzz, when other films in the Sankranthi pipeline haven’t got their trailers released? While the film is getting released hugely in the North with more than 1000 screens under its kitty, many are wondering what is happening in Telugu states for the Teja Sajja starrer directed by Prashant Varma!

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