Windows 12: Release Date, Expected Features

Windows 12: Release Date, Expected Features On October 5, 2021, Windows 11, more than six years after Windows 10’s launch, was made available. Microsoft just launched Windows 11 version 22H2, the first significant upgrade to the operating system, but we’ve heard Windows 12 may be next in line. It appears like Microsoft is abandoning significant yearly upgrades in favor of releasing a major new version of Windows every three years, just like it did before Windows 10.

A new version of Windows has not been formally announced by Microsoft. In fact, it minimized rumors regarding Windows 12 that we had heard. The business has formally committed to yearly releases and more frequent feature updates for Windows 11. However, it’s never too early to begin planning,

When will Windows 12 be released?

Approximately three years after the release of Windows 11, the next significant version of Windows is expected to be released in 2024. We don’t really have much additional information at this time, and it could be some time before we do. Windows 12 should be released in the fall, or at the very least in the second part of the year, but that isn’t a guarantee. Microsoft has disputed the rumors that it is working on Windows 12, but given how far away its debut is, it’s possible that the corporation is merely keeping its options open.

To prevent the operating system from seeming stale in the interim, Windows 11 will continue to get updates and occasionally new features. Coming soon is Windows 11 version 22H2, which will be a significant upgrade that will bring new touch gestures, enhancements to the Start menu, and much more.

If you’re a member of the Windows Insider Program, you’ll probably start to notice Windows 12 features over the course of the next two years, but Microsoft will probably continue to refer to them as Windows 11 features until the release date is considerably closer. Though many of the Insider Program features trickle out as minor updates, some of them could be anticipating future features, thus not all of them will be included in Windows 12. However, until Windows 12 is released, we might not see any special features. After all, until it was practically complete, Windows 11 maintained a very well-kept secret.

Will the upgrade to Windows 12 be free?

Windows 12 Release Date, Expected Features
Windows 12 Release Date, Expected Features

When (and if) Windows 12 is released, one of the major concerns you’re sure to have is whether you’ll have to pay a fee to upgrade. Fortunately, this seems unlikely. It only makes sense for Microsoft to keep providing significant Windows upgrades without charge to current Windows customers, as it has done for a number of years. You will still need to pay for Windows 12 if you don’t already have a Windows license, as it is probable that it won’t be free.

If your PC is compatible with it, it may convince you to invest money, but that is a distinct issue that deserves its own area.

Will I be forced to upgrade?

Windows 12 Release Date, Expected Features
Windows 12 Release Date, Expected Features

No is the most likely response to this. Microsoft’s efforts to coerce people into installing newer versions of Windows have been greatly reduced. Users of Windows 10 can still elect to update to Windows 11; it’s probable that this policy will remain in place for foreseeable future versions. Game of Thrones: Tale of Crows has me completely enthralled and is an essential iPhone game for 2022

However, if your version of Windows is getting close to the end of its support period, updating to new versions of Windows may be required. For instance, if you have the Home or Pro edition of Windows, the initial release of Windows 11 will be maintained for 24 months. Therefore, even though Windows 11 version 22H2 is optional, it will likely be installed automatically in 2023 so you may continue receiving security updates.

The same reasoning will undoubtedly hold true for Windows 12, however it is unclear how the new three-year release cycle would affect support durations. Considering that significant new versions will only be released every three years, a two-year support cycle won’t make much sense for each version. We’ll have to wait and watch how Microsoft modifies its lifetime strategy for significant Windows releases.

Can my PC run Windows 12?

Windows 12 Release Date, Expected Features
Windows 12 Release Date, Expected Features

Given that the minimum system requirements for Windows 11 have significantly increased compared to Windows 10, this is a pretty fascinating topic to consider. Will Windows 12 lag behind outdated PCs once more? It’s too early to say for sure, but there’s a chance that certain PCs won’t communicate with one another for a number of reasons. While we don’t currently see a reason why the next Windows version should require more than that, it’s possible that may happen. Windows 11 now requires CPUs that were introduced after around 2018.

It’s impossible to say whether there are any additional requirements once again. Windows 12 will at the very least require 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage, which is the same as what Windows 11 requires. If you don’t meet some requirements, you might still be able to install Windows 12 using an ISO file, but you shouldn’t count on Microsoft to compromise on things like TPM requirements Please Don’t Forget to Clear Your iPhone Cache 2022. In either case, the bulk of the best laptops now on the market will probably support Windows 12.

What’s new in Windows 12?

A new desktop UI
A new desktop UI

Windows 12 hasn’t been formally unveiled by Microsoft, but we just received a sneak peek at a prototype. During the Microsoft Ignite speech, which was presented by CEO Satya Nadella, Microsoft unintentionally unveiled an idea for Windows 12. A floating taskbar, and several system icons that are now visible at the top of the screen, including a weather widget and Wi-Fi and battery indications, are among the novel modifications shown in the idea. By doing this, Windows would resemble some Linux distributions or macOS more closely.

Of course, we’re still a couple of years out from the expected release date, so this is likely a very early design prototype. It might change significantly or be scrapped altogether before Windows 12 actually launches, but it gives us some interesting elements to analyze. Windows 11 made big changes to the taskbar for the first time in years, and it looks like Windows 12 could take that even further.

Aside from that, becoming a member of the Windows Insider Program is the only way to find out what could be new in Windows 12. Windows Insiders are given the opportunity to test out features months in advance, so it’s possible that some of the features from Windows 12 may eventually be released. The majority of the modifications being evaluated right now are rather minor and will probably be released as cumulative updates for Windows 11, although that will probably change in the future.

Windows 12 ISO Download 64-bit Free, Release Date

Windows 12 ISO Download 64-bit Free
Windows ISO Download 64-bit Free

Microsoft will release Windows 12 in 2021 with many new features.  As previously said that Microsoft will release Windows 12 in the next years, namely in April and October. There are several methods that you can use if you want to use the latest version of Windows 12. 

The first way as usual is where you can update from Windows, whether it’s through Windows Update or using an ISO file Windows 12. While Another way that you can take is to reinstall and install Windows 12. However, of course, that will be an important consideration before you decide to install a program update, especially if the operating system is related to what is new on the major update. For you who are curious about what the Windows 12 Update is and what the new features are, here are the new features of Windows 12.

That’s all we can say about Windows 12 right now. Even the name isn’t necessarily set in stone right now, but this is the easiest way to refer to the next version of Windows. We’ll be sure to add more information as it comes over the next couple of years, so keep checking back for updates.

Windows 12 Iso new features and Updates

The most interesting part of a major update launch is what’s new about the update. Moreover, the million-user OS is rumored to be bringing quite a lot of changes. If you are a loyal Windows 12 user who is curious about what new features the Windows 12 Update brings, please refer to the following review.

How to Manually Update Windows 12

How to Manually Update Windows
How to Manually Update Windows
  1. Select the Start (Windows) button from the bottom-left corner.
  2. Go to settings (gear icon).
  3. Select the Update and Security icon.
  4. Choose the Windows Update tab in the sidebar (Circular arrows)
  5. Select Check for updates. If there is an available update, it will begin downloading automatically.

1. Dark Mode File Explorer

How to Manually Update Windows
How to Manually Update Windows

If in previous versions of Windows 12, the Dark Mode feature on the Windows 12 theme included Settings, Microsoft Edge, Groove Music, Calculator, and other Windows 12 default applications. However, in the Windows 12 Update, Microsoft complements this shortcoming by adding the Dark Mode feature to File Explorer. 

The presence of Dark Mode on Windows 12 This update certainly complements the Dark Mode experience on Windows 12. In addition, for those of you who like to use dark mode and work at night, this can be one of the superior features that will definitely be appreciated. You can do file processing and execute files through the context menu (right-click on the mouse) with a dark background display and light writing.

2. Windows 12 Clipboard History

How to Manually Update Windows
How to Manually Update Windows

The next new feature brought by the Windows 12 Update is the addition of a clipboard history. If you do the Copy or Cut command, the data will be stored in the Clipboard. During this time, if you copy or cut, only the last data can be pasted. With the presence of this Clipboard History feature, the law will no longer apply.

The Clipboard History feature allows you to view all data in the form of text or files that you have copied or cut. Not only limited to just seeing, but you also freely can choose which one you want to Paste. So, you can copy the text in sequence and then Paste it in the order that you want.

Not only that, if you have devices that are connected using a Microsoft account, then you can paste data from one device onto another device. The way is very easy, you just simply press Windows + V to display the Clipboard History window and all the lists that you have copied or cut will appear.

3. windows 12 iso Snip & Sketch

New features Windows 12 The next update is Snip & Sketch. This is a feature that allows you to edit or scribble on the screenshot that you just captured. Activities that you can do range from cropping, marking, scribbling, and even drawing using the crossbar and bow. Flash “Yao” dazzling, GALAX GeForce RTX 3080 Metal Master How to use this feature is also very easy, you only need to press Windows + Shift + S to do a screenshot. After that, please click on the image that appears in the Floating Window. Then you can edit and sketch the screenshot results according to taste.

4. Texting from the Laptop

How to Manually Update Windows
How to Manually Update Windows

On the Windows 12 Update, you can send and read SMS directly from the laptop. This version of Windows 12 allows you to synchronize Windows 12 on a laptop with your Android smartphone. So, you can immediately see the SMS contained on your Android Smartphone and also reply using a Laptop. Not only can you view and send SMS, but you can also view photos contained on your smartphone. So, every time you take a new photo using a smartphone, you can immediately see the photo through a laptop. 

However, to be able to use this feature, you must install the Microsoft Launcher or Your Phone Companion application on an Android smartphone. Then, please log in using the Microsoft account used on the laptop.

5. windows 12 Search Preview

New features Windows 12 The next update is the look of Windows Search, which has been overhauled by adding previews. So, if you type certain keywords, then a preview of the search results you choose will be displayed. For example, if you type in a song title, the song title will be displayed in full, file location, and other information. In addition, if you are looking for an application, you will also be shown several actions that you can use.

6. Microsoft Edge Updates

How to Manually Update Windows
How to Manually Update Windows

The next new feature is the changes given to Microsoft Edge. Among these changes is the shadow, which makes the depth effect of the display more pronounced. Then all the settings on Microsoft Edge are grouped into categories which of course makes it easy for users to find the settings sought. Not only that, you can also now set the auto-play media to set whether a video will play automatically or not. When you read PDFs using Edge Browser, you can now add notes and annotations. 

This of course would be interesting if you want to add certain notes when reading an eBook. Then, if you open the reading view, currently available Learning Tools with Text Options can be adjusted to look and color. Then there is also Line Focus, to make the text focus on one, three, or five lines according to the settings.

7. Power Usage in Task Manager

A new feature of Windows 12 in the next update is the addition of information related to power usage in the Task Manager. Not only Power Usage but Power Usage Trend is also added to make it easier for you to monitor power usage on Windows 12. Both of which you can use to monitor any application that uses high power to low. Thus, you can see a list of applications that make the laptop battery run out quickly.

8. HDR Support

The next new feature is HDR support on laptops that use the latest version of Windows 12. Of course, this will be very useful if you enjoy using a large-screen monitor, for example, in 4K with HDR support. The Windows 12 Update now has special options for setting HDR in Settings > Display > Windows HD Color. This setting will display the screen that you use HDR support for anything, starting from video streams, games, applications, etc.

9. Windows Security

Another change that came with the Windows 12 Update was the change of name from Windows Defender to Windows Security. This default Windows antivirus also adds several new security features. For example, with the anti-ransomware feature “Controlled Folder Access,” you can easily set any application that has access to that folder. Of course, this will make it easier for you to protect your data from ransomware and still allow certain applications to access it.

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