Xiaomi cheats to avoid giving prizes in competitions

Xiaomi gives a lot of importance to their employees in organized competitions. They organize competitions in which many users participate, but only Xiaomi employees can win these prizes. You are probably not surprised by this. However, the latest photo contest organized by Xiaomi in Turkey reveals these. When we examined the rules of the contest, it was found that there were some strange things. This confirms the contest cheats.

Xiaomi ignores other users in competitions

Xiaomi Imagery Awards contest was held in Turkey. Many Xiaomi fans shared their images on forums and waited for a long time for the winner to be announced. And recently Xiaomi Turkey announced the winners of the contest. Immediately after the winners were announced, the photos taken were shared.

When we examine these photos, we see that there are some rule violations. More than that, it is seen that a person who reviews Xiaomi devices in Xiaomi Community Turkey and is invited to the launches won the contest. We recommend that users no longer have any expectations from Xiaomi’s competitions.

You will be really surprised when you evaluate the photos taken. They are completely misleading and violate the rules. Let’s first examine the photos and then take a look at the rules.

The photos look normal and we already accept that they are not bad. But the problem here is the presence of a human figure in the photos. In the 1st and 3rd photos, there is a human figure. Xiaomi Turkey had made a statement about the topic on its official website.

On the 5th participation mechanism, rule 2: “If there is a human figure in the photograph, the relevant photograph cannot be evaluated.” This is the rule, but if this is the rule, why do Xiaomi Turkey and the jury members make wrong decisions? The answer is very simple. Xiaomi prioritizes its employees as it always does and does not care about its users. Without Xiaomi fans, Xiaomi would not have come to this day. But Xiaomi ignores many of its fans who support it, does not care, and does not even want to give gifts.

Let’s not go without mentioning this. You can see that the person who ranks 3rd in the competition is doing device reviews at Xiaomi Community Turkey. Xiaomi sends smartphones, accessories, and ecosystem items to the specified person. How correct is it to include the person who reviews these in the competition?

We do not recommend you buy any Xiaomi brand products. Because Xiaomi doesn’t like its users. Also, MIUI with its terrible optimization affects the user experience badly. We are going to reveal all the facts about this to people now. You will see how terrible the smartphone manufacturer is.

Image sources:, Xiaomi Turkey X Account

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