Eagle Out Of Sankranthi Race

As rumored earlier, Raviteja’s Eagle movie is postponed from the Sankranthi race.

In the producers’ council meeting, Dil Raju announced that Eagle makers agreed to move to the next good release date, February 9th.

Dil Raju thanked Eagle producer TG Vishwa Prasad for moving their date to accommodate four films for Sankranthi. For now, Guntur Kaaram, Saindhav, Naa Saami Ranga, and Hanuman are all set to release for Sankranthi.

The movies that locked the release date of February 9th, Tillu Square and Yatra 2 will be moved from that date for Eagle to have a solo release.

There had been strong rumors that Eagle would be moved out of the race, but the makers kept confirming its outing for Sankranthi with new posters until yesterday.

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