Did Ryan Reynolds Just Give Away the X-Men Cast of Deadpool 3?

The comeback of a legendary team may have been ruined by a recent comment from Deadpool 3 actor Ryan Reynolds.

Does Ryan Reynolds Ruin the Deadpool Team?

With his impending MCU debut, Deadpool 3 actor Ryan Reynolds could have given away the return of a significant squad.

The X-Force crew from Deadpool 2 was depicted in Reynolds’ original tweet, which was captioned, “X-Force will live forever!”

Interestingly, the actor changed the caption to “X shall live forever,” which is confusing.
Although the specific meaning of the message is unknown, it is difficult to miss the obvious allusion to the legendary X-Force unit. The cancellation of Henry Cavill’s appearance in The Flash is reportedly due to The Rock using him as a chess piece.

Did Ryan Reynolds Just Give Away the X Men Cast of Deadpool 3 1
Ryan Reynolds

This story is developing. Please check back for updates.

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