The cancellation of Henry Cavill’s appearance in The Flash is reportedly due to The Rock using him as a chess piece.

Given that the actor’s Superman character experienced yet another setback last year, Henry Cavill’s run with bad news from DC appears to be far from ended. The Hollywood Reporter claims that the 39-year-old actor recorded a scene for the upcoming film The Flash, which stars Ezra Miller, but his brief cameo was cut from the final product. Charles Cavill

Henry Cavill’s role has been replaced with Liam Hemsworth in the acclaimed Netflix fantasy series The Witcher, despite success. Cavill announced his comeback as Superman on October 24, but his tenure as the character was brief. On December 14, Cavill said on Instagram that the new DC management had fired him.

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Is Dwayne Johnson to Blame for Superman Not Appearing?

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The cancellation of Henry Cavill's appearance in The Flash is reportedly due to The Rock using him as a chess piece. 9

Similar to Henry Cavill’s Superman, reports claim that Gal Gadot’s portrayal of Wonder Woman has been abandoned by the current DC administration. As a result, there is currently talk that Gadot will no longer star in the next The Flash film.

The Hollywood Reporter claims that Dwayne Johnson has been connected to the complicated circumstances surrounding Henry Cavill’s entrance into the DC Universe, come back, and eventual exit. It is because he initially announced Cavill’s reappearance to the world before retracting it just two months later. According to a source who spoke to THR, “in the end, he was a pawn in Dwayne’s unsuccessful attempt to control a piece of DC.” Johnson stated in a video on Twitter,

The decision to bring Henry Cavill back was made after years of planning and strategic discussions. By the way, there was only one Superman. The Superman of this age is Henry Cavill. And the best Superman of all time, in my view. With Henry’s return, the DC world will now be properly, tactically, and intelligently developed.

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Henry Cavill Is Not Wanted In The DC Extended Universe According To James Gunn

Despite Dwayne Johnson’s position, it appears that James Gunn doesn’t share it. Henry Cavill has been dropped from upcoming projects, including his planned cameo in The Flash, as part of the new president of DC’s intention to broaden their world.

James Gunn has come under fire for his choice to cut Henry Cavill’s Superman out of upcoming DC films. Several admirers of the role have voiced their dismay and annoyance, saying that Cavill has done a fantastic job playing the venerable superhero and that he should stay in the part. Some, though, have backed Gunn’s choice, arguing that the DC world must change and new characters must be introduced.

The Flash, the next DCU movie, is eagerly awaited by the character’s followers. Ezra Miller plays the lead role in the movie, which is anticipated to include appearances from a number of other superheroes. Although there are few details about the narrative, it is supposed to feature time travel and alternative

The Flash will debut in cinemas on April 25 and thereafter be streamable on HBO Max.

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