Matt Damon Confirms Sequel Recently Got Pitched

The star of the 1997 hit movie Good Will Hunting, Matt Damon, disclosed that a sequel was recently proposed. There is no doubt that the original movie is a masterpiece; it now has a 97% critic score on Rotten Tomatoes and a 94% audience rating.

The late Robin Williams won two Oscars for this popular film, one for Best Supporting Actor and the other for Best Original Screenplay (which was actually written by Damon and Ben Affleck).

It’s strange to imagine that Good Will Hunting has survived till 2023 without any sequels or remakes, given the entertainment industry’s penchant for never being able to leave classics alone. Well, it would seem someone out there wants to change that.

More Good Will Hunting?

Matt Damon Confirms Sequel Recently Got Pitched
Matt Damon Confirms Sequel Recently Got Pitched

While on the red carpet for Air, both Matt Damon and Ben Affleck had a fun story to tell Variety’s, Marc Malkin.

When asked what one of the craziest pitches they had ever gotten was, Damon was quick to share that “someone just tried to pitch Ben [Affleck] Good Will Hunting 2:”

“Someone just tried to pitch Ben [Affleck] ‘Good Will Hunting 2’. (laughs) I shit you not. That happened. He told me today, I heard him—the reason it’s the top of my mind is cause he’s like, ‘You’re not going to believe what I heard.’ Disney Restricting Lucasfilm’s Upcoming Projects (Report)

But was the person serious? According to the actor, they absolutely were, and it “was a flat-out sequel.”

When Variety brought it up to Affleck moments later, the actor was able to have a good laugh about it, jokingly noting that Damon “should not be telling” those stories:

“Matt [Damon] is always telling stories he should not be telling (laughs). It’s not one we’re going to pursue.”

Good Will Hunting is Great As-Is Matt Damon

As both Matt Damon and Ben Affleck made clear, there obviously isn’t going to be a Good Will Hunting sequel any time soon.

The 1997 movie, after all, is a perfect illustration of a tale that doesn’t require any further explanation—the story was told, and the characters have already undergone their arcs.

A remake will very certainly be considered at some time in the future, even though a sequel may not take place. It might occur this year, ten years from now, or even in the future. Loki Actor Breaks Silence on Deadpool 3 Rumored Appearance

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The iconic film could end up becoming a miniseries given the current emphasis on streaming. Yet for now, it would be best to just accept the original. Amazon Video presently offers Good Will Hunting for online streaming.

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