MIUI 14 goes official: Features, release schedule, and more

MIUI 14 goes official: Features, release schedule, and more Here’s everything you need to know about Xiaomi’s new software.


  • Xiaomi has announced MIUI 14 features, release date, and eligible devices.
  • The updated software brings new design, security, and system optimization features for Xiaomi phones.

Xiaomi has finally made its new Android skin — MIUI 14 — official. The company announced new features coming with MIUI 14 alongside the launch of its flagship Xiaomi 13 series on Sunday.

For starters, the updated MIUI platform is focused on system space optimization and faster operations. Xiaomi says MIUI 14 cuts unremovable system applications down to eight. This takes up 1.5GB less system space. The software also reduces system memory consumption and introduces optimizations for third-party apps to make them run faster and smoother.

Additionally, MIUI 14 brings minor visual changes to Xiaomi phones. Users can choose four different icon sizes and add interactive “cute things” like cat avatars and more to make the home screen more Stay Up-to-Date with the Latest Xiaomi MIUI 14 Features interesting. MIUI 14 also offers new widgets, customizable folders, and other design tweaks to the system.

MIUI 14 goes official Features release schedule and more.WEBP
MIUI 14 goes official Features release schedule and more.WEBP

Xiaomi Weibo

On the privacy front, MIUI 14 enhances on-device operations to keep your activities more private. Xiaomi claims the new OS will rely entirely on local computing, covering over 30 system scenarios, including image recognition, text extraction from photos, subtitles for video calls, recording and translation, and more.

Another major update is coming in the form of Xiaomi’s AI Assistant version 6.0. New ( MIUI 14 ) Not Support & Ineligible Devices – No Any Updated 2022 It has a new recommendation function that learns user habits and actively provides shortcuts to payment and transportation codes in advance, specifically catering to Chinese users. It also offers multi-functional reminders for scheduling, smart home, travel, and more.

MIUI 14 release schedule

MIUI 14 goes official Features release schedule and more
MIUI 14 goes official Features release schedule and more

Xiaomi Weibo

Xiaomi has posted an official release schedule for MIUI 14. This schedule applies to Xiaomi devices in China, so you’ll have to wait for a global release roster to know when to expect the new software on your Xiaomi phones. Anyhow, New Updates ( MIUI 14 ) Features & Eligible Devices – Updated on 20 Aug 2022 Xiaomi tends to update its most recent devices first, so you can pretty much expect the company to follow a similar schedule for its phones globally.

In saying that, the first batch of Xiaomi phones mentioned in the image above will start getting MIUI 14 beginning January 2023. Some significant devices from the list that are also available globally include the Xiaomi 12 series phones. Other devices on the list include some Redmi K50 series phones that were launched globally as Poco devices.

MIUI14 latest news, versions, new features/list of compatible models The speed of the MIUI 14 test and the number of models are breathtaking. Google Pixel phones running Android 13 QPR1 are getting the December security patch. 8 Xiaomi devices have started MIUI14 stable version testing

First, release MIUI 14 on the whole network

  1. Xiaomi13 Pro (not released yet)
  2. Xiaomi13 (not released yet)
  3. Xiaomi 12S Ultra
  4. Xiaomi 12S Pro
  5. Xiaomi 12S
  6. Xiaomi 12T Pro /Redmi K50 Ultra
  7. Redmi K50 Pro
  8. Redmi K50
  9. Corresponding MIUI14 version number
  10. Xiaomi13 Pro: V14.0.0.2.TMBEUXM
  11. Xiaomi13: V14.0.0.2.TMCEUXM
  12. Xiaomi 12S Ultra: V14.0.0.5.TLACNXM
  13. Xiaomi 12S Pro: V14.0.0.6.TLECNXM
  14. Xiaomi 12S: V14.0.0.4.TLTCNXM
  15. Redmi K50 Ultra: V14.0.0.6.TLFCNXM
  16. Redmi K50 Pro: V14.0.0.3.TLKCNXM
  17. Redmi K50: V14.0.0.3.TLNCNXM
  18. 29 Xiaomi devices have started MIUI14 beta testing
  19. Xiaomi 13 Pro (not released yet)
  20. Xiaomi 13 (not released yet)
  21. Xiaomi 12S Ultra
  22. Xiaomi 12S Pro
  23. Xiaomi 12S
  24. Xiaomi 12 Pro Dimensity Edition
  25. Xiaomi 12 Pro
  26. Xiaomi 12
  27. Xiaomi 12X
  28. Redmi K60 Pro (not released yet)
  29. Redmi K60 (not released yet)
  30. Redmi K50 Gaming Edition
  31. Redmi K50 Ultra
  32. Redmi K50 Pro
  33. Redmi K50
  34. Xiaomi 11 Ultra
  35. Xiaomi 11
  36. Xiaomi CIVI 2
  37. Xiaomi CIVI 1S
  38. Xiaomi 11 LE
  39. Redmi Note 12SE
  40. Redmi K40
  41. Redmi K40 Gaming Edition
  42. Redmi K40 Pro / Pro+
  43. Xiaomi MIX 4
  44. Redmi Note 10 Pro 5G
  45. Redmi Note 11 Pro / Pro+
  46. Corresponding MIUI14 version number
  47. Xiaomi 13 Pro: V14.0.4.0.TMBCNXM
  48. Xiaomi 13: V14.0.4.0.TMCCNXM
  49. Xiaomi 12S Ultra: V14.0.0.18.TLACNXM
  50. Xiaomi 12S Pro: V14.0.0.19.TLECNXM
  51. Xiaomi 12S: V14.0.0.21.TLTCNXM
  52. Xiaomi 12 Pro Dimensity Edition: V14.0.0.6.TLGCNXM
  53. Xiaomi 12 Pro: V14.0.0.3.TLBCNXM
  54. Xiaomi 12: V14.0.0.3.TLCCNXM
  55. Xiaomi 12X: V14.0.0.7.TLDCNXM
  56. Redmi K60 Pro: V14.0.0.4.TMKCNXM
  57. Redmi K60: V14.0.0.11.TMNCNXM
  58. Redmi K50 Gaming Edition: V14.0.0.7.TLJCNXM
  59. Redmi K50 Ultra: V14.0.0.17.TLFCNXM
  60. Redmi K50 Pro: V14.0.0.10.TLKCNXM
  61. Redmi K50: V14.0.0.8.TLNCNXM
  62. Xiaomi 11 Ultra: V14.0.0.3.TKACNXM
  63. Xiaomi 11: V14.0.0.10.TKBCNXM
  64. Xiaomi CIVI 2: V14.0.0.7.TLLCNXM
  65. Xiaomi CIVI 1S: V14.0.0.3.TLPCNXM
  66. Xiaomi 11 LE: V14.0.0.6.TKOCNXM
  67. Redmi Note 12SE: V14.0.0.10.SMSCNXM
  68. Redmi K40: V14.0.0.7.TKHCNXM
  69. Redmi K40 Gaming Edition: V14.0.0.2.TKJCNXM
  70. Redmi K40 Pro / Pro+: V14.0.0.9.TKKCNXM
  71. Xiaomi MIX 4: V14.0.0.3.TKMCNXM
  72. Redmi Note 10 Pro 5G: V14.0.0.4.TKPCNXM
  73. Redmi Note 11 Pro / Pro+: V14.0.0.3.TKTCNXM

From the content released by the Xiaomi community and Jinan, one of the goals of MIUI 14 is to be lightweight and streamlined.

This kind of MIUI not only brings a minimalist interface but also a large number of applications that have been redesigned to become more simplified and lightweight so that the system experience is silky smooth and hearty.

Of course, MIUI 14 is just the beginning. I believe that in the days to come, Xiaomi Technology is bound to bring us more surprises and more interesting functions.

MIUI14 will be released soon, let’s take a look at the changes in the new system MIUI 14 will support Qualcomm’s new LE audio function

The most complete combing MIUI 14

  • New MIUI anti-fraud protection
  • Cannot record audio in incognito mode
  • Added “That Year Today” function switch to the photo album
  • Added the function of OCR to recognize the text on the image in the album
  • Support for permanently disabling notifications directly from the notification panel
  • The system App “SMS” version is updated to V14
  • The system apps “MIUI Clock”, “MIUI Album” and “Download Management” will support manual uninstallation
  1. Redesigned permission popup
  2. The memory information of recent tasks is newly added to display memory expansion
  3. Newly designed desktop settings menu
  4. New App Installer button
  5. Redesigned MIUI Calculator UI interface (the right picture is the new version)
  6. Redesigned MIUI clock UI interface (timekeeping, clock, and alarm clock respectively)
  7. New bubble notification in the floating window
  8. New widget menu icon

MIUI Widgets home page new interface UI The above are part of the new features of MIUI14, and the rest will be discovered by the friends after the new system is adapted. Finally, attach the list of specific compatible models for MIUI 14 (the time is short, the information is limited, and the statistics are inevitably wrong, please understand):

Xiaomi phone: Mi 13 (coming soon) Mi 13 Pro (coming soon) Mi 12 Mi 12 Pro Mi 12X Mi 12S Mi 12S Pro Mi 12S Pro Dimensity Edition Mi 12S Ultra; Mi 11 Mi 11 Pro Mi 11 Ultra Mi 11 Youth Edition; millet 10 Mi 10 Pro Mi 10 Ultra Mi 10S Mi 10 Youth Edition; Mi MIX 4 Xiaomi MIX FOLD Mi MIX FOLD 2 Xiaomi Civil Xiaomi Civil 1S Xiaomi Civi2 Mi Pad 5 Mi Pad 5 Pro Mi Pad 5 Pro 12.4 Mi Pad 5 Pro 5G

MIUI 14 analysis of each version number

  1. Redmi phone:
  2. Redmi K60 (not released yet)
  3. Redmi K60 Pro (not released yet)
  4. Redmi K50
  5. Redmi K50 Pro
  6. Redmi K50 Gaming Edition
  7. Redmi K50 Ultra
  8. Redmi K40
  9. Redmi K40 Gaming Edition
  10. Redmi K40 Pro
  11. Redmi K40 Pro+
  12. Redmi K40S
  13. Redmi K30
  14. Redmi K30 Pro
  15. Redmi K30 Ultra
  16. Redmi K30S Ultra
  17. Redmi Note 12 5G
  18. Redmi Note 12 Pro
  19. Redmi Note 12 Pro+
  20. Redmi Note 11 4G
  21. Redmi Note 11 5G
  22. Redmi Note 11R
  23. Redmi Note 11 Pro
  24. Redmi Note 11 Pro+
  25. Redmi Note 11T Pro
  26. Redmi Note 11T Pro+
  27. Redmi Note 11 SE
  28. Redmi Note 11E
  29. Redmi Note 11 E Pro
  30. Redmi Note 10
  31. Redmi Note 10 Pro
  32. Redmi Note 9
  33. Redmi Note 9 Pro
  34. Redmi 10
  35. Redmi 10A
  36. Redmi 10X
  37. Redmi 10X Pro

Black Shark mobile phone: not sure yet (new news, will follow up one after another)

The time is short, the information is limited, and the statistics are inevitably wrong. Please understand that the above models are for reference only. The final MIUI14 compatible models are subject to the official announcement.

The above content only represents personal views. The final content is subject to the official release

Thank you for watching, and thank you for your support!

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