The first internal beta list of MIUI 14 has been Released, involving nearly 30 Models

Nearly 30 models are included in the first internal MIUI 14 beta list, and the upgraded Mi 11 has a new lease on life. Recently, news concerning MIUI 14 has become increasingly prevalent. According to the official news, MIUI 14 is a significant improvement. Many Xiaomi consumers are eager to try it out first. The initial batch of beta models from Xiaomi has also been released. For internal testing, over 30 models are eligible to apply, and the coverage is still fairly broad. The Xiaomi 13 series must be released first, followed by the Xiaomi Digital, which can debut the 11 series, and the Redmi, which can introduce the K40 and Note 10 series.

MIUI 14 has been Released, involving nearly 30 Models
MIUI 14 has been Released, involving nearly 30 Models

Use my Mi 11 as an illustration. I already passed the internal test application for the MIUI 14 development version. The fact that Mi 11 was also included in the first batch of adaptations seems a little ridiculous to me. Even though the Mi 11 phone was released three years ago, I have a lot to say about it.

People who haven’t used it think Mi 11 is bad because of the Huolong 888 issue; perhaps I’m just lucky. My Mi 11 is completely trouble-free. MIUI 14 goes official: Features, release schedule, and more I have no idea why there are so many issues with Mi 11s online.

There is indeed a heat problem, mainly because of the Snapdragon 888. I was also worried about whether it would burn the WiFi or the motherboard. I specifically asked customer service. The answer from customer service was that it can be replaced or repaired for free under warranty.

MIUI 14 has been Released, involving nearly 30 Models
MIUI 14 has been Released, involving nearly 30 Models

This year, Mi 11 also updated the after-sales policy, which completely reassured me. It has been extended to 36 months, which means that I have used it for 21 years, and is still under warranty. Even if there is a problem with the WiFi motherboard, it can still be repaired.

This time MIUI 14 has also reduced the load, the system will not be as bloated as before, it will become lighter and simpler, the system burden will be reduced, the power consumption will be relatively reduced, the pressure on the processor will be less, and the heat will naturally be reduced. will decrease.

I feel that MIUI 14 will have a lot of changes this time, if you are bold, please upgrade and experience it!

MIUI14 How is the actual experience

The Xiaomi press conference came as scheduled, and the arrival of Xiaomi 13 and miui 14 was long overdue, which really made fans wait too long.

To be honest, compared to Mi 13, mini 14 has received more attention from users. After all, the Mi 13 series is a flagship machine with a price of up to 4,000 plus. Although the configuration is remarkable, not every consumer is willing to buy it. New ( MIUI 14 ) Not Support & Ineligible Devices – No Any Updated 2022 Miui 14 is different. Most Mi fans can enjoy system upgrades that bring joy, What’s more, the upgrade rate from miui2 to miui13 is not big, and everyone is looking forward to miui14’s earth-shaking changes and innovations I have to say that miui14 did not disappoint, and does provide quite a lot of functions.

For example, system slimming is a very good function point. Except for the most basic seven types of software that come with the system, the others can basically be removed manually. This provides users with great convenience and improves the fluency of the mobile phone.

Another example is that MIUI 14 goes official: Features, release schedule, and more provides the functions of large icons and desktop cute pets, which increases the playability and convenience of the system. Although the original belongs to Huawei and Blue Factory, Xiaomi can follow the trend and provide users with better services at the same time. , Absorbing the strengths of other families is still remarkable.

MIUI 14 has been Released, involving nearly 30 Models
MIUI 14 has been Released, involving nearly 30 Models

In short, the upgrade function of miui14 is not small, but there are still many netizens who are lonely after the upgrade.

Of course, the photon engine in the mini 14 makes it much more potent as it has been improved from the base layers of Android, increasing fluency by 88% while reducing battery consumption by 16%. It is unfortunate only Xiaomi mobile phones with 8gen1 and higher can only use this feature; other mobile phones could not be as well suited.

It’s important to note that miui14 has improved collaboration capabilities between smartphones, TVs, and laptops, making editing and file transfers more practical.

Why is this?

First of all, there is naturally a lack of innovation, not to say that there is no innovation, but that the innovation is not strong enough, Google Pixel phones running Android 13 QPR1 are getting the December security patch. so ordinary users cannot feel it in the first place Secondly, the upgrade point of miui14 is mainly focused on bottom-level optimization and reducing bugs, which is difficult to express in an intuitive form.

In addition, miui13 is already very good. Its fluency and functionality are among the best among all the in-depth customization systems. With high expectations for miui14, I thought there would be earth-shaking innovations, but the result is very little change. Naturally, fans are looking forward to it. The bigger the disappointment.

In the end, miui14 shouldn’t have done anything, and it didn’t redraw the icons.

Unquestionably, the system interface and symbols of a new system may have the most influence on users. I’m not sure if it’s because the mini-team has a lot of work to accomplish. Although they are identical, the icons for Miui14 and Miui13 cannot be considered to be irrelevant. Stay Up-to-Date with the Latest Xiaomi MIUI 14 Features People naturally inquire, “What has been upgraded?” in light of this. While exterior beauty cannot be overlooked, inner beauty is significant.

Of course, only serious geek users may utilize the miui14 right now, and more regular rice aficionados won’t be able to upgrade until January or February of 2023. There must still be a lot of functional shortcomings. I’m hoping that Miui14 can keep getting better and have fewer issues. redrawing a set of theme interfaces. Only in this way can fans feel the sincerity of upgrading.

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